• Saint Theophilus of Kyiv (†1853)

    25 July, 2015

    Theophilus lived in XIX century, but his name is popular among of many of residents of Kiev and orthodox believers who esteem memory of him even for today. The Orthodox Church celebrates on 27 July the Finding of Relics and glorification of St. Theophilus, and on 10 November the Day of his passing away.

  • Saint Theophilus the Shedder of holy ointment († 1548)

    21 July, 2015

    Saint Theophilus the Shedder of holy ointment lived in the end of XV – beginning of XVI century. He was born in Macedonian city of Zikhy to a faithful family. His parents provided to him a worthy education and being youth he became a wonderful copyist. At the same time the boy read and studied […]

  • Our Lady of Kazan

    21 July, 2015

    Theotokos of Kazan is the first among the most venerable icons of the Russian Orthodox Church. 21 July and 4 November are the veneration days of this icon.

  • St. Innocent of Alaska – the Apostle of Siberia and Alaska (†1879)

    20 July, 2015

    St. Innocent of Alaska was born in 1797 in the village of Anginskoye, Irkutsk Province into family of a Church minister. He was baptized with the name of John. In young age the boy became an orphan, and his uncle took the responsibility on him. Also he taught to John to read and write.

  • Saint Euphrosyne of Moscow (†1407)

    20 July, 2015

    Saint Euphrosyne of Moscow was born in the family of Prince Dmitry of Suzdal. She was baptized with the name of Eudoxia and lived in the severe time of Russian struggle against Mongol and Tatar yoke.

  • The Hermitage of the Holy Cross, Western Virginia

    6 July, 2015

    The Hermitage of the Holy Cross is under jurisdiction of Eastern American Diocese of ROCOR. The cloister is located near the Appalachian Mountains, WV. It surrounded by peaks and forests, and that allows to inhabitants to be more concentrated on prayer.