• St. Alexander, bishop of Jerusalem

    29 May, 2015

    29 May Church honors the memory of St. Alexander, bishop of Jerusalem. He lived between the end of II and beginning of III centuries. It is known that famous Ecclesial scholar – Clement of Alexandria, was his mentor. Alexander had studied and had friendly relations with another one future Doctor of the Church – Origen.

  • St. Nicetas of Novgorod, Hermit of Pechersk

    27 May, 2015

    27 May is Remembrance Day of St Nicetas of Novgorod. He lived in in XI-XII centuries and was born in Kyiv. He came to Kyiv-Pechersk monastery for obedience and was tonsured to a monk in young age.

  • The life of St. Great Martyress Irene (I century)

    18 May, 2015

    The Ecclesial fullness remembers St. Irene martyr feast on 18 May; she lived in I century. Irene was a daughter of pagan governor of one Macedonian cities and her pre-Christian name was Penelope.