The miracles of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco

2 July, 2015

The miracles of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco“Save yourself and thousands of people around you will be saved” – a lot of people can confirm this truth, those who was able to observe the life of real holy man of XX c. He was born in 1896 in the village of Adamovka, Kharkiv province, Ukraine. We speak about St. John, the Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco. The Day of his Remembrance is 2 July.

Miracle in Adamovka

The spiritual power and pureness of life of future St. John were able to change people when he was a mere child. His governess (native French) was impressed of conversations with a boy and turned to Orthodoxy.

Miracles in Shanghai

Devoted service to neighbor was a feature of the hierarch, who visited patients for every day and gave them Holy Communion. Especially in time of worsening of state, St. John always was nearby and prayed for long just right near bed. And sometimes miracle happened – often even hopeless patiences stayed alive.

Miracle in Tubabao Island

After World War II, the Russian community was forced to emigrate from China and move to Pacific Tubabao Island, located in the middle of the area of season hurricanes. These typhoons a few times per year destroy everything on their way. When someone of Russian refugees asked of local inhabitant about typhoon, the answer was: “Every single evening your Holy man blesses all four cardinal points”, so there is no reason worry about. Indeed, for 27 months of St. John’s staying on Tubabao there were no typhoons and hurricanes.

Miracles in Paris

Saint Hierarch restored faith in Christ not only to his compatriots but  as well to Europeans, showing them an example of his personal holy life. There is touching mention about one French lady who sent her children, when they got sick, to the street where St. John usually passed by. Every time after his blessing the children became healthy.

The bishop was known in all European hospitals and was called to gravely sick persons, no matter of their religion. And when the Orthodox Hierarch prayed, God always showed His mercy.

One Parisian Catholic priest summoned youth to Christian life and said: “You require a proof; you say there are no miracles, no saints today. Why the theoretic proof is needed, if St. John the Barefoot is on the streets of Paris”?

Disregarding luxury, Saint John was always dressed the old clothes and barefoot, but he had a priceless treasure of God – love and grace.


Anticipating the future revival of our Fatherland St. John assured that it will happen only when our people will reach spiritual reborn, when we with a new force accept in our hearts the words of Savior about the meaning of life.

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