• St. Innocent of Alaska – the Apostle of Siberia and Alaska (†1879)

    20 July, 2015

    St. Innocent of Alaska was born in 1797 in the village of Anginskoye, Irkutsk Province into family of a Church minister. He was baptized with the name of John. In young age the boy became an orphan, and his uncle took the responsibility on him. Also he taught to John to read and write.

  • St. Jacob (Netsvetov) – The Enlightener of peoples of Alaska

    1 July, 2015

    St. Jacob (Netsvetov) was born in Alaska in the beginning of XIX c., but he had Russian roots. He was an Alaskan Creole which means that his father was one of Russian colonists from Irkutsk, but mother was Aleutian. Jacob was educated in Irkutsk and married on 1927. Soon he become ordained priest – first […]

  • St. Protomartyr Juvenaly of Alaska

    14 May, 2015

    Hieromonk Juvenaly (secular name is Jacob Govorukhin) was born in 1761 in the family of facility workman in Ekaterinburg. In youth he worked on local factories, just like his father before him. In 1791 Jacob decided to go to Valaam monastery.

  • St. John of and San Francisco Shanghai – the holy hierarch of ROCOR

    13 May, 2015

    St. John of and San Francisco Shanghai (Mikhail Maximovitch is the name of future Archbishop) was born in 1896 to the family of faithful nobles in the village of Adamovka (today this is Donetsk region, Ukraine). St. John of Tobolsk was his forefather on paternal line. From an early age he loved prayer, reading the life […]