St. Venerable Joseph the Sick of Pechersk

12 April, 2015

According to Church calendar, April 17 is a remembrance of the monk, who acted in the Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra in XIV century – St. Venerable Joseph the Sick.

His biography states that Joseph was ill by different sicknesses for many years. So that is why he is called «the Sick».

One day he gave the promise to God: if he were healed, he would come to Pechersk monastery for novitiate.

God healed Joseph, so he was tonsured in the cloister and acted there till his death; he fasted, prayed and served to brotherhood.

St. Venerable Joseph’s life and exploits are examples of Christian attitude to illnesses. Lord sent physical illnesses and through it the Saint saved his soul, and souls of those, who followed his exploits.

After blessed repose the body of Saint was buried in Far Caves of Lavra, and it is there for today.

Also it possible to venerate St. Joseph the Sick in the St. John Cathedral of Brooklyn; the particle of his incorruptible relics is permanently there.


Преподобный Иосиф Многоболезненный Печерский

Преподобный Иосиф Многоболезненный Печерский

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