Sts. Venerable Poemen the Faster and Arsenius the Diligent of Pechersk

21 May, 2015

Преподобный Пимен ПечерскийOn 21 May Church venerates two ascetics of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – Poemen the Faster and Arsenius the Diligent.

St. Venerable Poemen of Pechersk lived in XII century. He pleased God, being zealous in the exploit of fasting. His abstinence was so severe that he ate once per day and only necessary quantity. St. Poemen united physical fasting together with severe spiritual fasting, and eschewed of wrong deeds, thoughts and even senses.

Historical data informs us that St. Poemen was Father Superior of the monastery in 1132-1141.Преподобный Арсений Печерский

St. Venerable Arsenius the Diligent was the monk of Pechersk Monastery. He lived at junction of XIII and XIV centuries and was known for his exploit of diligence; for that he was called accordingly. The holy monk labored for monastic obediences just incessantly and that was his exploit consisted of. During of short breaks Holy Father always prayed. At the same time he did not ate before evening and even then he had only a piece of bread. For his humble exploits God awarded St. Arsenius by gift of wonderworking.

The local veneration of St. Arsenius began at the end of XVII century, common veneration – in VXIII century. The relics of St. Arsenius are in Far Caves.

It is also possible to pray to Sts. Poemen and Arsenius in the Cathedral of Brooklyn, where particles of their holy relics permanently are.

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