St. Nicetas of Novgorod, Hermit of Pechersk

27 May, 2015

Святитель Никита, епископ Новгородский, Затворник Печерский27 May is Remembrance Day of St Nicetas of Novgorod. He lived in in XI-XII centuries and was born in Kyiv. He came to Kyiv-Pechersk monastery for obedience and was tonsured to a monk in young age.

In spite of hegumen’s objections Nicetas became hermit and according to Paterikon underwent to test of devil had was failed. Demon appeared to Nicetas looking like angel and started to dissuade young monk to not pray and recommended to him to read books instead of prayer, and hermit agreed. Nicetas began to prophesize, he knew The Old Testament by heart but did not wanted to study The Holy Gospel.

Father superior of Kyiv-Pechersk cloister together with other brothers prayed for Nicetas and demon was banished. Nicetas swore that he never read books which he had quoted.

By prayers of Pechersk monks God lifted up Nicetas from the depth of falling to the high level of spiritual perfection.

Afterwards monk started to live by peaceful life in abstinence and obedience, being the best in virtues.

In 1096 Nicetas was ordained to episcopacy and enthroned to Novgorod. The chronicle indicates that he became the sixth bishop of Novgorod.

For the years of his ministry in Novgorod he has built many churches.

Chronicles says about intravital miracles of St. Hierarch, for example stopping the conflagration in the city and bringing down of rain during the drought.

St. Nicetas died in 1109 and was entombed in St. Sofia Cathedral. He was canonized for common veneration in 1547 and in 1558 his incorrupt relics were found. A lot of miracles took place immediately after the holy relics were revealed.

In 1956 relics of St. Nicetas were translated to St. Nikolaos Cathedral of the city and six years later to St. Phillip the Apostle church. In 1993 a festive procession took place and the shrine was returned to St. Sofia Cathedral.

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