St. Venerable Job of Pochayiv, the Wonderworker

19 May, 2015

Преподобный Иов Почаевский, чудотворецOn 19 May the Orthodox celebrates Remembrance Day of St. Venerable Job of Pochayiv.

St. Venerable Job of Pochayiv (his secular name is Ioan Zalizo) was born in the Western Ukraine in town of Kolomyia in 1550. When he was ten years old he came to Uhornytskiy monastery. Two years later he got success in the asceticism and was considered worthy to be tonsured in adolescence age. When St. Job came of age he was ordained to priesthood. Being thirty years old he was tonsured into a Great Schema and received his former name of Ioan. St. Job very liked this name and used it for signature, but he was glorified with the name of Job.

St. Venerable Job always looked for solitude and this desire brought him to the Pochayiv mount, where he became Hegumen of the monastery. In order to be focused on prayer he went into the cave. His legs was so wounded that it was possible to see his bones.

For the years of his superiorship in the Pochayiv monastery St. Job had introduced the monastic charter, fenced the monastery, built the St. Trinity church and other six smaller churches, founded monastic typography and wrote the works, aiming to protect Orthodox Faith. By the way, typography is still active and goes on to work for spiritual needs of Russian emigrants on the American continent in St. Trinity monastery.

St. Job liked gardening for spare time and he created beautiful garden in Pochayiv.

In 1620 Hegumen tool part in the Council in Kyiv. It condemned Greek-Catholic union and decided to stand firmly for Orthodoxy.

St. Job of Pochayiv reposed in 1651. Metropolitan of Kyiv Dionysius (Balaban) in his dreams has seen St. Job for three times and afterwards his relics were revealed in 1659. In 1831, when members of the Uniate Church joined to the Orthodox Church, the relics were opened for second time.

Today the incorruptible relics of St. Job are in the cave church of Pochayiv Lavra. It is also possible to pray to St. Job in the Cathedral of Brooklyn, where particle of his holy relics permanently is.


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