Glorification of St. Venerable Amphilochius of Pochayiv

12 May, 2015

Прославление преподобного Амфилохия ПочаевскогоOn 12 May the Church celebrates glorification of St Venerable Amphilochius of Pochayiv.

Yakov Golovatyuk (a secular name of the Saint) was born in Ternopil oblast (Western Ukraine) in 1894. In 1925 he came to Pochayiv Lavra as novice. In 1932 he was tonsured with the name of Joseph. In 1933 he became hierodeacon, in 1936 – hieromonk.

In 1932 Joseph was among those who tried to not allow Lavra to be closed, and for that he was placed to psychiatric hospital by force. Afterwards he returned to his place of birth and continued his ministry, making prayer services and healing people.

One of Joseph’s relatives beat him up so hard that the Saint expected to die and was tonsured to Great Schema with the name of Amphilochius. But after he got well he returned to home village.

God gave to Starets a gift of wonderworking. Resurrection of girl who died on the way to the Saint is the most famous miracle, made by St. Amphilochius. After his prayers incurable cripples, deaf and blind persons were healed. A lot of possessed people also came. Even conversation with priest was helpful to people in a vital difficulties.

The Saint has foreseen his death. There were several attempts to poison him. St. Amphilochius reposed on 1 January of 1971.

A lot of pilgrims came to Pochayiv from a whole Soviet Union, in spite of celebration of the New Year. Since then over thirty years many memorial services took place on Starets’ grave, where candles were shined and people prayed. It was accompanied by many miracles.

Such number of miracles was a reason for canonization of schema-hegumen Amphilochius.

St. Amphilochius was glorified by Ukrainian Orthodox Church in 2002. That event took place on 12 May. On the next day his relics were translated in a stately manner to cave church of St. Job of Pochayiv. On the day of glorification over 20 thousands pilgrims came for the festive worship in Pochayiv Lavra. A lot of healings took place near the shrine with relics.


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