St. Alexander, bishop of Jerusalem

29 May, 2015

Святитель Александр, епископ Иерусалимский29 May Church honors the memory of St. Alexander, bishop of Jerusalem. He lived between the end of II and beginning of III centuries. It is known that famous Ecclesial scholar – Clement of Alexandria, was his mentor. Alexander had studied and had friendly relations with another one future Doctor of the Church – Origen.

Alexander was so strong in confession of our Lord Jesus Christ, so at the beginning of III century he has been elected to be the bishop of Asian city of Flavia (eastern part of Asia Minor).

When Septimius Severus (193-122) governed in Roman Empire, bishop Alexander was imprisoned for three years.

Being freed, Saint went to city of Jerusalem (Aelia Capitolina at that time) for pilgrimage and prayer. Local people received bishop Alexander warmly and cordially and asked him to not leave them but to stay in the city. Thus, in 212 he was elected to be joint ruler to aged bishop Narcissus. Such case was totally rare phenomena in the Church history.

St. Alexander headed the Church of Jerusalem for thirty eight years.

He made a lot of labors for enlightenment. By deeds of Hierarch of Hierosolymitan Church the great library was collected; it consisted of Sacred books and works of Christian writers. Alexander himself was an author of a few works, but now we have only fragments of them, quoted by other Christian writers.

Period of Trajan Decius’ reign (249-251) was a time of most violent persecutions of the Disciples of Christ.

In 251 St. Alexander was brought to proconsul’s court in Caesarea Palestinae, where he confessed his faith in Christ and denounced the pagan delusions.

Initially bishop was thrown to beasts but they did not touch him. Afterwards St. Alexander was imprisoned for long time and was martyred by beheading.

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