St. Venerable Isaac, monk in Dalmatia (†383)

12 June, 2015

St. Venerable Isaac, monk in Dalmatia (†383)The Church celebrates the Remembrance of St. Venerable Isaac of Dalmatia on 12 June.

St. Isaac lived in IV century. After monastic tonsure he found a desert place to stay alone for prayerful exploit.

Emperor Valens (364-378) began to persecute Orthodox Christians, because he was follower and protector of Aryanism. Thus, the Emperor began to close and destroy churches.

When St, Isaac heard about those sad events, he came to Constantinople and gave a moral support to Christians.

At the same time neighboring Gothic tribes started to attack the Empire. St. Isaac appealed to Emperor, who was going to war, asking him to open the Orthodox churches and God will help in the struggle with enemy. But sovereign was obstinate and did not want listen to Saint. After three exhortations angry Valens ordered to throw the monk into a deep pit, full of thorn. It was impossible to get out of there because the bottom was boggy.

With God’s help the venerable father remained unharmed and came to Emperor again. The Elder said that if the ruler will not open the churches, he would not return alive from war. The King did not listen and ordered to his assistants to imprison St. Isaac until he will return from campaign.

Valens did not return from war and died, as St. Isaac described it. The Venerable father was freed and people began to honor him as a prophet.

After Emperor Theodosius the Great (379-395) was elected to the throne, the faithful ruler met the Venerable father with honor, asking him for prayers. By the St. Isaac’s advices all Aryans the heretics were exiled of Constantinople and churches were returned to Orthodox.

The Saint expressed his desire to go back to desert, but according to request of Emperor’s assistants he stayed and dwelled nearby the capital city, protecting it by his prayers. Monks started to gather around St. Isaac and with the lapse of time on place where he leaved, a monastic community was founded. St. Isaac became its first Hegumen. Apart from taking care of the monastery, he helped and supported those who were in need.

When the Hegumen Isaac reached old age, he put St. Dalmatius in charge of the cloister and on whose behalf the monastery was named.

St. Venerable Isaac has passed away in God in 383.

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