Oda the Good, Archbishop of Canterbury (†958)

15 June, 2015

Oda the Good, Archbishop of Canterbury (†958)15 June is the Remembrance Day of St. Oda of Canterbury.

Oda (or Odo) lived in X century in England before Church was divided to the Eastern and Western.

He was born in 875 (880) and was a son of Danish Viking, who together with the military forces has invaded to East England. Later on father began to live in that land and in due time Oda has possessed it. Despite of his father was a pagan, Oda was baptized, attended the Church services and studied the basis of Christianity in the household of nobleman Æthelhelm. Oda became a monk in the monastery Fleury-sur-Loire in France. Later, already being a priest, Oda accompanied to nobleman in his pilgrimage to Rome and on a road has healed him of unknown sickness.

In 925 Oda was assigned to episcopal throne of Ramsbury (South England), and in 941 he was elected to be the 22nd Archbishop of Canterbury.

Oda was loyal adviser of King Æthelstan, who protected the country of pagan conquerors. The Saint played an important role in public and church affairs during the reign of Kings Edmund and Edgar. He labored much for the restoration and strengthening of monasticism in the life of Church, and prepared the ground for reforms of that sphere. Besides, he created the codex of rules for clergy, carried out reforms in the administrative structure of the Diocese entrusted to him, made a restoration of the Cathedral. Also Oda took care on salvation of his flock, he was responsive and lovingly refers to people, so for what contemporaries called him “The Good”.

Oda has passed away to God in 958 and was entombed in the church of Christ in Canterbury. Oda was venerated as Saint since 1000 and first reference in the book of saints belongs to the XIII century.

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