St. Venerable Athanasius of Bithynia, the Wonderworker (†925)

16 June, 2015

St. Venerable Athanasius of Bithynia, the Wonderworker (†925)According to Ecclesial calendar on 16 June the memory of St. Wonderworker Athanasius of Bithynia is celebrated. In the literature he also called Athanasius of Trajan or Athanasius of Sicily.

St. Athanasius was born in the Asia Minor to the poor family. Being adult he leaved his home and started to travel across different monasteries, where he learned a spiritual wisdom of monks and elders.

One day the venerable father has met Hegumen Cosmas – the founder of Trajan monastery of Bithynia, and decided to dwell there. Heartless inhabitants of the monastery have forced Athanasius to leave the cloister. But Cosmas recognized the God’s agent in that guest and returned to the monastery together with him.

Humility and virtuous life of this saint became an example for surrounding people and supported to other brothers to gain the fear of God. Monk Athanasius was tonsured to great schema soon and ordained to priesthood. One of his obediences was copying of books. The Elder was a strict faster and did not ate until evening. During the weekday he was in silence and communicated with others only on Saturday and Sunday. The monk humbly struggled with passions and demonic temptations.

Having copied a lot of books the holy man became blind. He appealed to God and said that if sight will be restored, all that will earn he will give to the poor. After his sight was recovered, the St. Athanasius has been giving the money to poor for 28 years.

Saint had a gift of sagacity. Whatever he has foreseen always came true.

In old age St. Athanasius has passed away in God in 925. After death the Saint made a lot of miracles, and for that he was called “The Wonderworker”.

The life story of St. Venerable Athanasius can be found in Greek Synaxarions, the earliest of which dates back to the beginning. XIV century.

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