St. Metrophanes the first Patriarch of Constantinople (†325)

17 June, 2015

St. Metrophanes the first Patriarch of Constantinople (†325)On 17 June Church celebrates the feast of St. Metrophanes, the first Patriarch of Constantinople.

St. Metrophanes was born in 208 in lived more than hundred years. He was a son of Christian named Domitius – the descendant of royal family, and together with him and two of his brothers escaped of pagan city of Rome to Byzantium, where he was grown in Christianity. Bishop Titus ordained him to priesthood. Before Metrophanes has occupied the episcopal throne, it was ruled by his father and brother by turn.

In the beginning of IV century the Byzantium city was a small settlement. Once it was visited by St. Equal to the Apostles Emperor Constantine who has seen a beauty and useful location of the city, as well as wisdom and righteousness of bishop Metrophanes. Initially the Emperor took the Byzantine Hierarch to Rome together with him, but when he moved the capital of the Roman Empire to Byzantium, he brought St. Metrophanes back.

There are several versions about the future of Byzantine Diocese. One states that Metrophanes ruled the Diocese until 313 (314), than Bishop Alexander replaced him.

The other tales says that he ruled the Diocese until 325. In that particular year the great Council took place in Nicaea. Later it was called the First Ecumenical Council. The Emperor requested Council members to assign the title of Patriarch to St. Metrophanes. The Bishop was 117 years old on that time and that is why he did not attended the Council, but instead of him his assistant Bishop Alexander has took a part.

Upon completion of their acts, the Emperor Constantine and Council members visited the aged Patriarch. The Elder indicated Bishop Alexander as his successor and foreseen next hierarchs of Constantinopolitan and Alexandrian episcopal thrones.

Patriarch Metrophanes passed away to God in 325. His relics were in the church of Constantinople, dedicated to his honor.

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