St. Constantine the Metropolitan of Kyiv (†1159)

18 June, 2015

St. Constantine the Metropolitan of Kyiv (†1159)The Remembrance of Constantine the Metropolitan of Kyiv is celebrated by Church on 18 of June.

During the ministry of St. Metropolitan Constantine I the Kyiv Metropolitan See was under the jurisdiction of Ecumenical Patriarchate, and the title of Primate was “of Kyiv and of All Rus”. The Bishops for Metropolitan See at that time were sent from Greece.

When in 1155 Yuri the Long-Armed became the Great Prince of Kyiv, he informed the Patriarch about his readiness to receive an ordinee Metropolitan. Before his coming to Rus, Constantine initiated the Council of Constantinople in 1156 concerning the question of Eucharist. Thus, a new Metropolitan of Kyiv came to his throne place only at the end of 1156.

Taking concern on Metropolitanate of Kyiv, St. Constantine immediately dethroned the Bishops, ordained by Metropolitan Kliment Smoliatich. The problem was that Kliment became a hostage of civil wars, standing on Prince Iziaslav’s II Mstislavich side. After his death Kliment was forced to leave the Kyivan Metropolitan See. New Primate of Kyiv Diocese allowed to serve for priesthood, ordained by Metropolitan Kliment, but only after they gave the promise to not submit to previous Metropolitan.

A serious step of St. Constantine was giving the anathema to reposed Prince Izyaslav.

St. Constantine ruled on Kyivan Metropolitan See not for long and became a victim of princely civil wars too. Yuri the Long-Armed died in 1157, and his successor after short time of reign was exiled by Prince Izyaslav’s children. Princes decided to request the Patriarch for the new Primate of Church of Rus while two Metropolitans of Kyiv were alive.

Metropolitan Constantine leaved Kyiv and moved to Chernihiv. When he arrived, he gave the sealed letter to Bishop Antoniy, asking him to do everything what is written there. The Holy Hierarch reposed in God in 1159. When his testament was opened, people were impressed by its content. In the letter the Bishop asked do not bury his body, but throw it out to field for the dogs may eat it. It can be explained in a way that Metropolitan Constantine saw himself as a reason of confrontation in the state. Bishop Antoniy did not dare to disobey and St. Constantine’s corpse for three days lay outside the city. Three nights were marked by shining of three fire pillars which reached the sky. Seeing those signs, Prince Svjatoslav of Chernihiv ordered to bury the Primate of Kyiv in the Saviour Cathedral of the city with the titular honors. Through the holy relics of St. Constantine miraculous healings began to occur.

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