Sts. Andronicus and Sava of Moscow

26 June, 2015

Sts. Andronicus and Sava of MoscowOn 26 June the Church remembers Sts. Andronicus and Sava of Moscow.
Andronicus of Moscow was born in 1320 in lands of Rostov. In his youth he came to St. Trinity Lavra to St. Sergius of Radonezh, asked him to tonsure him to monk. The Holy Man granted Andronicus’ request and became his spiritual father, strengthening and aiming him on chosen monastic way.

According to Metropolitan Alexius’ request, St. Sergius blessed Andronicus to be a Hegumen of new monastery near kremlin on Yauza River. St. Sergius personally consecrated the place for building of a new cloister.

The monastery was built in 1361 and dedicated to honor of The Vernicle Image of the Saviour. Hegumen Andronicus humbly carried out his ministry of Father Superior, staying in abstention and prayer. When number of brothers multiplied, the holy man became to take upon oneself more severe labors. He paternally edified the people around him, asking them to struggle against the invisible evil forces. In such godly life St. Andronicus spent many years, carrying human burdens.

When St. Andronicus got to know the time of his repose, he left the flock for responsibility of his pupil – St. Sava.

St. Andronicus reposed in God 26 June 1373. His relics were buried in the Cathedral of monastery, which was under his spiritual guidance.

St. Andronicus was glorified at the end of XV century, but some sources states that he was one of venerable Russian saints on that time.

In 1812 the monastery was damaged by military forces of Napoleon. The relics remained unharmed, but head was lost. After the Revolution of 1917 the relics disappeared without a trace.

St. Sava of Moscow († 1410), as it was indicated above, was a pupil of St. Andronicus and the Second Father Superior of the monastery. After repose he was buried near by his mentor.

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