St. Ignatius, Bishop of Rostov (†1288)

10 June, 2015

St. Ignatius, Bishop of Rostov (†1288)10 June is the feast of St. Ignatius, Bishop of Rostov.

St. Ignatius lived in XIII century and was born in godly family of the lands of Rostov. Firstly he was sexton in the local church of Theotokos. Afterwards he had obedience in the Epiphany monastery of Rostov, and with the lapse of time he became there the Archimandrite.

In 1261 Prince Alexander Nevsky assigned fr. Ignatius to give assistance to Bishop Kirill in the administration of Rostov Diocese. After one year, when Bishop has died, Archimandrite Ignatius was ordained for Rostov episcopal throne.

In the chronicles for period of 1266-1278 for the several times we may see name of Bishop of Rostov, when he participated in marriages and funerals of princely persons.

In 1274 bishop took a part in work of Synod of Vladimir City, which was gathered for overcoming of disorder in the Church among the clergy.

It is known that St. Ignatius participated in Christianization of Belozersk region. By his actions the monastery of honor of St. Trinity was founded there.

In 1280 Bishop Ignatius was among the participants of the funeral ceremony of Metropolitan of Kyiv Kirill III, which took place in Pereiaslav. At the same times the church of Theotokos in Rostov was restored by his concerns.

The next year bishop founded the church of Sts. Princes Borys and Hlib, as the remembrance of reconciliation of Princes and brothers Dmitry and Constantine.

The time of St. Ignatius’ prelature fitted to a time of yoke of Golden Horn. Thus he had to visit Khans to intercede for the clergy of the Church.

For 26 year Saint was the Bishop of Rostov and passed away in 1288. Lord glorified his relics by gifts of wonderworking and undecayedness even before funerals. Many sick were healed during the Procession. Hagiographers testify that during requiem service the Hierarch raised his hand and took the Absolution. Other miracles also were noticed. All of attendants were amazed by what they saw and did not bury the body of Saint. Since then the relics openly rest in the town Cathedral of Dormition. Since 1795 the shrine is in valuable ark.

Also, the particle of the holy relics of St. Ignatius of Rostov is in the Cathedral of St. John the Forerunner of Brooklyn.

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